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What a 2016!  I definitely learned so much about myself such as my weaknesses and strengths as well as being completely ignorant of my actions and words.  I truly want to be a better person than I was before.

Recently, my sister gave me a kit called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.  I am still reading his book called Complete Guide to Money, which is truly mind blowing.  He talks a lot about the power of self control and discipline.  Money is a thing while behavior and emotion is everything.

He has really changed my concept of how I should pay off my debt as soon as possible due to the increase of interest rates.  I never had anyone explain money as well as how one can obtain wealth through saving and investing (which one needs to stop buying impulsively like I do).  While reading his book, I also looked at how I gave my money to God.

I shamefully  admit how I bought so much junk and thought that I didn’t have enough to give to God.  After, looking at my finances  I decided that I should give more to my local church (the house of God).

If anyone out there is in deep debt, or having difficulty talking with a family or friend about finances, I truly recommend Dave Ramsey.