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On Writing and Communication

So I changed my blog site again, I am hoping this will be the last time.  I started writing my speech for my sister’s wedding (it is my first public speech!), and I couldn’t help noticing the pressure that will be on me (maybe not as much as on my sister, but having all eyes on you for a two minute speech still a lot of pressure!).  I realized on writing my speech, how grateful I am to have a sister.  We might not be on the same in terms of our likes and dislikes but I realize that difference is what makes us compatible.   I mean, she’s into sports (soccer, swimming and dancing), and parties.  My sister is a great communicator which explains her ability to write so well.  I love to practice my religion (praying to me is like talking to my best friend), reading books, and now blogging.

I realize that when one does not have a skill or at least isn’t that strong the other person takes hold of it.  Example my sister is my editor due in part that I know my sister is strong in grammar and has a love for reading, writing and communicating.  I am in the process of learning how important this is especially in the profession that I have chosen – healthcare.

There is this book that I have taken up.  This book is called “A Book of Courtesy” by Sister Mary Mercedes, O.P., and it explains the following:

“You may not think that living with others is an art, but it is the finest and most difficult of arts.  By learning it early in life, you can save yourself many unpleasant experiences.  You can master this art only if you treat others with courtesy.”

Yes, I am reading books on courtesies, manners, and lady-like behavior.  This has given me a new perspective on my own reality and I am more vigilant on my behavior.  It is a true fact that when one is watchful of their behavior, an awful habit can be easily broken, but only if the person perceives it interiorly first.

I need to share this one little true story from my mom before I leave:

My mother is a CCD teacher at our local parish and there was a young student who loved Lady Gaga.  She would test my mom to see if she knew who this artist was and of course my mother would not know.  The young girl would talk on and on about Lady Gaga and how much she loved her music.  One day, my mom told me about this student and asked me about Lady Gaga.  I gladly told my mother who Lady Gaga was (basically the artist conveys everything that the Catholic Church teaches against) and I told her that this young student should stop listening to her music.

So the next CCD lesson, my mom told this young student that she should stop listening to her influential music since it is contrary to Catholic Church teachings.  My mother went on explaining that this should be the only Lady you should be looking up to (she pointed to the statue of Mother Mary).

Well, you can guess that the young girl started to cry (inner conversion) and said that everything that my mother said was right.