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Ups and Downs

I have been learning so much from my cousin’s baby.  Yesterday, she learned how to balance on her two feet for a couple of seconds until she fell right on top of me. Today,  she had an infant walker in front of her.  She is able to pick herself up by bending both of her knees and lift herself up with her upper arms on the walker.  She accomplished the goal, which was lifting herself up from the floor.  Next, she puts herself back on the floor by bending her knees, and slowly releasing her upper arms from the walker.

She kept on bringing herself back from the floor only to release herself from the walker back to the floor. I jokingly told her granny, “you see that is how she keeps herself fit by exercising the way she does”.  I suddenly released that she was trying to practice on how to balance as well as positioning her body.

I am not sure why I thought to myself “she is practicing on how to pick herself right back up after going down on the floor”

I realized this is how life is, by going through our own ups and down be it in relationships, work, school and life in general.



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Still Growing

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much I want to continue to grow and improve in many aspects.

Right now, I want to take an opportunity to improve on money, health and time management as well as organization.  I am also seeking to learn and know Jesus and Mary better as well.

I feel that I have to say no to many things that will be an obstacle or a distraction to my inner peace of mind. All I need is quiet time with God, more prayers and a good book.

I am especially thankful to  you readers for accompanying me on this journey.


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What I learned from 2013

These are the things I learned from last year:

1)      I learned that I must take care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally.

2)      Reading spiritual books and prayers helps me understand my relationship with God.

3)      To give yourself another chance and do not give up.

4)      God, Jesus and the Mother of God are always present, so don’t give into the temptation that you are alone.

5)      That any problem has a solution.

6)      Stay calm and keep on.

7)      You cannot change a person unless they themselves want to change.

8)      Every day is a new beginning.

9)      Prayers can move your soul, mind and body. Having a conversation with God is beautiful.

10)   Rosary, Bible and the Sacraments are your life line to get you to heaven/state of peace.

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Thankful For….

I am so thankful for so many things in my life.  I have been busy lately that I would like to give the 411 on what’s been happening in my life.  I am working for a preschool where I am a Spanish instructor. It’s amazing what a few bilingual books and some songs can do to help build a curriculum.  Everyone is informative in instructing me on what works/ what doesn’t work when it comes to teaching.  I love that this environment is one that is able to help and give good constructive criticism.

I am thankful for my friends, coworkers and boss. They are nonjudgmental and love me for who I am.  I love it when they tell me the truth even when it hurts.  I enjoy their company and laughter.

I am thankful for my home, food and health.

I am thankful for my family.  They love me unconditionally even when I do wrong or make a mistake.  They are  supportive and help me become a better person everyday. Te amo familia.

Last but certainly not least is my thanks to Dios.  Te amo con todo mi Corazon. Y mis metas para proximo ano es apender mas de tu amor.

Amor y besos a todos.

Feliz dia de Gracias.