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Loss over a New York Teacher

I could not help but stable upon this sad story over the loss of a New York teacher. While reading her story and tragic death, I could not help but wonder how similar she and I are. We are of the same age, from the same hometown and I have been contemplating on a career in education though she accomplished that task.

Jennifer McKenna Morbelli was a 29 year old New York substitute teacher who died on Feb 7 in Maryland after a late term abortion. Jennifer’s fetus was to have abnormalities which ultimately led to the decision to terminate her 33 week pregnancy. She traveled to Maryland where it is legal to perform late term abortions if there are fetal abnormalities. The abortion performed by LeRoy Carhart led to her death due to internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity.

My prayers are with Jennifer McKenna Morbelli and her family.