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Self Care

How important is self care for you? Have you spent time with taking care of yourself and fit it in your schedule? As a woman, it could be difficult when we have to think and put others first. Remember, it is critical to even take care of yourself as well so that why we can take care of others well.

Make a list of about two to three things a day that you would like to do that are self relievers/de-stress/unwind items. These items do not have to be expensive and glamorous.

My list of self care are

-Taking a bath

-Doing my own manicure/pedicure

-Practice my calligraphy

-Reading a book

-Watching/listening to my favorite youtube/podcast

-Eating my favorite food

-Taking a walk outside

-Cleaning up

-Chatting/hanging out with my girlfriends

What are some of you self-care list? Write your comments below.


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