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Not Alone Series: Sacrifice for Singles

Not Alone Series: Sacrifice for Singles


We hear all the time about the call of married people to sacrifice for the sake of their spouses, and we all know parents make sacrifices for their children. Religious sisters sacrifice just by taking vows! But if you don’t have a spouse, a child, a community, or even a pet, how do you build a spirit of sacrifice? How do you determine the difference between selfishness and supporting yourself? What are some ways that you offer sacrifices for the people in your life? (Thanks to co-host Laura and to Katie for the suggestion!)


I decided to build my spirit of sacrifice by living and being in the present moment.  I believe prayers and attending mass is helpful.  It gives me a sense of hope and love.  I think that as a single person, it is easy to become anxious and nervous about one’s vocation. I have seen people becoming obsessed with it, and I see their unhappiness by fixing the situation.

To determine between selfishness and sacrifices it does take experience, prayers and relaying on your family and friends.  I am very fortunate to have a mother and sister that have looked after me and will express to me when they are concerned.  I also believe that confession is helpful in discerning one’s words and actions.

I have offered money and time.  I know that I have been working on time management . I want to help the church as well as children.

I want to give more of my time on helping children because I feel that often time, they feel lonely and have no one to talk to.  I just want to live and be in the present moment.



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Private and Public

Oh, how much I admire this woman for her elegance, beauty and intelligence.  She is one of those mysterious person that everyone thinks they know. I’ve been reading a book entitled What Would Jackie Do?, where each chapter has a different section what Jackie would do for career, make-up, fashion, spirituality, dating/marriage, etc. I couldn’t help how at times she had to think about herself and/or others.  She was a private person while at the same time a public figure.

Though I might not be as famous or well known as her, I wonder how many of us are constantly in a battle between self and others.  When  is it time to be by yourself and/or with others?  I believe there should be a proper balance where one can contemplate and have some  rest.

I feel at times that while I am a private citizen being a public school teacher and on social media there are boundaries.  I feel that as a teacher, I have overworked myself but need to fit in time for myself such as exercising,  praying and reading/writing into my daily routine.

I have been learning to say no a lot more often than having to please people constantly either to my family and friends.  I am still trying to figure out a balance between myself and others.






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NAS: Single Life Bucket List


What are those things that you want to do before you get married (or enter the religious life)? Is there anything that you are excited to do, accomplish, etc before engagement, marriage and babies come along? Even if you feel that you’ve done everything you wanted to do pre-marriage, dig deeper and see if there isn’t anything you’d like to do!

My bucket list:

1)      Teach and take care of children 

2)      Become a teacher

3)      Become computer savvy

4)      Play guitar and piano.

5)      Do some travelling.

6)      Share my faith and ideas

7)      Write and compose my own music

8)      Write stories (children’s literature)

9)   Do some gardening/planting of herbs

10)   Have artistic/creative qualities: drawing, sewing, etc.

11)   Be well versed in my catholic faith, as well as living and loving it.

12)   Know prayers and the Bible. Grow in virtue

13)   Read lots of books (especially the classics), and become a writer/author

14)   Know how to cook delicious meals

15)   Know housekeeping (maintain order at home)

16)   Read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.

17)   Give back to my family especially my mother, as well as those who have less.