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Teaching and Learning

As a special education teacher, I am so delighted to say that I love my job and I am learning about providing my services in the private schools.

Right now I am collecting forms which allows the child to have special education known as SETTS.  These forms need the parent’s signature as well as my signature to which I fax to my agency. That same day, I start seeing the student either in the classroom (push in) or in my classroom (pull out).  I teach and review their teacher’s materials and/or worksheets.

I work in a Catholic School which runs from kindergarten to 8th grade. I have various students from different grades, and there is one class per grade.  On Mondays, we attend mass for the first period. The children participate by joining choir, the offering of the gifts as well as being lectors.

I am enjoying my time with the students and school.  I am still learning about my students’ needs so they continue to flourish within the academia world.




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Many options for Special Education teacher

This week, I have two interviews lined up.  I still have my side gig of tutoring, which keeps me motivated and keeps me creative.  I want to share about my journey in being a teacher because if you know someone that has the same feelings that I do, then please let them know there are so many options out there for teachers.

  1. Tutoring – We all know that the education system is messed up.  There are many students that do not do well in mass education.  Tutoring is a great gig. It helps with having an interaction with an individual as well as their parents. Also, there are many agencies that specialize with students with disabilities as well as publishing their own tutoring books.  You can make your own hours, and be creative in lesson planning.
  2. Babysitting – There are agencies that want special educators that have experience taking care of students with special needs. You are basically getting to know a child in the home environment, you can make your own lesson plans, and interact with the parents.  Sometimes it could require housekeeping and cooking.
  3. SETSS agencies – I am trying out this.  Basically, you are working for an agency in a school environment.  It could be a push-in (where I will be teaching a small group of students in the general teacher’s classroom) or pull-out (where I could take out the small group into a resource room).  You get a higher pay depending on how many students are in your classroom, which varies from agency to agency.

I will share more in latter posts about my experience in the SETSS agency. Please keep me in your prayers as well as sharing this post for anyone that want other choices in their teaching careers.



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Special education

I have been working in schools for about 6 years. Two years as a teacher’s assistant, one year as a substitute teacher and two years as a self contained bridge elementary teacher. For this coming school year, I will be an ICT teacher.

Now what do these terminologies mean? Glad you asked.

Teacher’s assistant/school aide/associate teacher: This means that this particular helps the teacher. It could range from paper work, to decorate and/or cleaning up the classroom to teaching in small groups as well as managing students’ behaviors.

Substitute teacher: Whenever the teachers are in meetings/sick or have some other reason for not coming in school, then they hire a substitute teacher to come in.  Substitute teachers could have lesson plans already prepared before hand by the absentee teacher or they could have their own worksheets just in cause.

Self contained: This is a small class with a maximum of 12 students.  All of them have IEPs and have some type of disability (it could be learning, behavior, biological and/or physical). There are teacher’s assistant because sometimes students need that one to one assistance.

Bridge: It is when there are two different grades combined.  So the last school that I worked for was a bridge self contained class in order to have the maximum amount of students.

ICT: There are two teachers, one is general and the other is the special education teacher.  This environment will probably have a maximum of 28 students, however there will be about 8 children with IEPs.

IEP: It is a legal document that follows the special needs child. The special education teacher is responsible for implementing within the lesson plans and exams.  The special education teacher needs to review and renew this document to see what type of services should be in place.

This year will be the first year that I will be working in a charter school and an ICT teacher. I am a bit anxious about working with another very new teacher.  I feel honored to help a fresh new teacher.  Then I will work with a math teacher for that particular subject area, and I can’t wait to learn new teaching styles.



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Want to become a teacher?

I just completed my last class for my master’s degree program.  I am so relieved.

So I was thinking a lot of what kind of advice I would give to a wanna-be teacher…First, is to volunteer at an organization that allows you to be with children such as a school or children’s hospital.  Another option that I took was to become a teacher’s assistant.

One can be a teacher’s assistant at a public school where there are benefits such as obtaining degrees so check out the Department of Education for such program. I was a teacher’s assistant at private and non-profits schools which I eventually enrolled for the Teaching Fellows program in NYC.

I would suggest other programs that could be more beneficial, such as:

I truly believe that elements of philosophy and theology helps the child in terms of behavior, morality, biblical advice as well as understanding the meaning of life.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions, let me know.



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Body and Mind, Mother’s Day

We live in a world full of many gadgets and technology.  Have you ever taken the time to put these things away, in order, to read a book or exercise outside.

I started noticing that many of my time is either looking at pinterest, youtube or other blogs. Not to say that there is anything wrong with these, but all things most be kept in moderation.

I tend to do nature walk every weekend. I feel that it rests my mind and body.  It is also has a spritiual/religious element to it by being reminded of what God has created.  How good and beautiful the things that He has created?

I think another thing we forget is exercising the mind.  I was watching this youtube video from Hillsdale College (probably one of the best colleges that teaches truth along with reason), and I couldn’t help myself but how I should read more books for my mind’s sake.

Another thing that has inspired me was Pope John Paul II. Did you know that every morning, John Paul II would read the news in every language that he knew.

Check out this video on the importance of reading in order to excerise the mind:


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Lovely Vacation, Books I Miss

I am having a fantastic time during my vacation and planning some projects in the works.  I am utterly grateful that I have this time off to contemplate about my journey so far.  I have to say I miss the children especially reading books and singing songs to them.  I made a list of some of books that I read as a little child and also books that I have read at work.

1)  Product Details

Books:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? From Head to Toe

Authors: Bill Martin and Eric Carle

This is a classical book collection to have for early childhood and young children.  The illustration and words goes hand in hand for cognitive thinking and one can do plenty of activities on these books to enhance learning.

2)Product Details

 Books: Llama Llama Red Pajama. Llama Llama Mad at Mama.

Author: Anna Dewdery

I read this at work to a child and couldn’t help but love the play of words.  The rhyme was impeccable.  Another reason I loved this book is because the llama is a symbol of Peruvian culture.

3)  Product Details

  Books: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. The Cat in the Hat. Green Eggs and Ham

Author: Dr. Seuss

This is another classical collection.  I remember as a child reading Dr. Seuss books and thinking how crazy and fun his world is.  His books bring a lot of creativity and imagination to one’s world.

4) Product Details

 Books: Pete the Cat, I love my White Shoes.  Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons

Authors: James Dean and Eric Litwin

I encountered Pete the Cat when I started working at the early intervention program.  Many lead teachers play the CD-ROM while flipping the pages of the book.  It has a catchy beat and many children enjoy dancing to the songs.

5)  Product Details

Book: The Beginner’s Bible

Authors: Karyn Henley and Dennas Davis

This is my favorite book when I was a little child.  I remember my father reading this book to me at nighttime. This is definitely a great book that demonstrates sin, redemption, faith and the wonders/awe of God’s works.

***Have a great time reading!