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Being Present with Prayer

Sometimes my mind wonders off.  I don’t focus on what I am saying and  how I am saying them. I wonder if God, Mary and Jesus understand my human weakness and difficulties on being present when I am praying.

I catch myself and really try hard to focus on praying. I feel that when one catches themselves wondering off to the past or future, it is a good start of being mindful, changing my habit into a better one. Then I start focusing on the mystery of the Rosary, being present  on the life of Jesus and Mary.

I do believe that God is aware of our flaw humanness despite our many attempts. With God’s grace even a small change is significant enough. Being more mindful of our habits,  attempts,  weakness and changes is a good start of true conversion to becoming a better person .  Being patient with one’s self is extremely important to see how these small changes God is molding us little by little.  He is very gentle, loving and patient with us as well, so being kind and patient to one’s self is just as important as what God does and shows us. Like they say “Rome wasn’t built in one day”.



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What is Theology on Tap?

Yesterday, I went out with my friend to a restaurant.  He thought I picked this certain location because it was close to his home.  In reality, I chose it because Theology of Tap was being held there.  “What is Theology on Tap?” my friend asked.  Theology on Tap is a social gathering of Catholics/Christians at a bar or restaurant.  The speaker was Colin Nykaa, Director of Young Adult Outreach for the Archdiocese of NY whose talk was on “Desire, Purpose, and Destiny: Embracing the Ache in Our Hearts.” I was very impressed and learned so much from Colin.

I never read Theology of the Body or Love and Responsibility by JPII.  I tend to think about love and relationships in a very narrow lens and not the big picture that God has in mind.  Everyone has this ache or longing in their hearts for something good, beautiful and eternal.  Marriage shows that glimpse of love/happiness that a man and woman has for each other.  However, your spouse cannot fill full that ache in your heart.

God Wants to Marry Me.  What!? Yes, He loves us and wants to have that intimate relationship just like a bride and bride’s groom has. Marriage is suppose to show us that glimpse of heaven that God wants to shower us with His eternal love and commitment.  Jesus said in one of His many parables:

“The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding banquet for his son.”

Let us then  take a look at engagement.  One of my cousin received a proposal from her boyfriend on New Year’s Day.  The boyfriend initiated the engagement by proposing her hand in marriage.  She received his love by saying “yes.”  Eventually, they will conceive children and become co-creators with God.  This happens in every vocation such as married to the single life as well as priests and nuns.  Our primary relationship with God works the same way as when we receive the Eucharist. Remember, God initiates, We receive and then we bear fruit.


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10 ways to keep Christ in Christmas

1) Display a Nativity Scene in your Home

2) Pray the Joyful Mystery and read Bible passages of the prophesies of Christ’s coming and Jesus’ Birth

3) Place an Advent candle centerpiece in the center of your dining table

4) Rejoice and Sing Christmas songs that praise Mary and Jesus

5) Go to Church and be prepared for Christ’s birth by going to Confession.

6) Be with your family and be thankful to your parents

7) Almsgiving to the poor and others in need in remembrance of the poverty of the Holy Family.

8) If it snows, make a snow angle

9) Visit your neighbor and tell them of the Good News

10) Say Merry Christmas to the Mr. Scrooges.