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7 Quick Takes – Artwork

1)      I have been sick this entire week.  Usually when I am I sick, I make a full recovery with a day or two….but no, not this time.  This illness hit me really hard in fact that I can’t even describe what I have been through without making my readers nauseated.

2)      Due to my illness and being sick, I was inspired to write in the future about health.

3)      So I took some artwork pictures that I did with the children at the preschool.

4)      Every month, the preschool does a holiday theme so the children can learn new vocabularies, and use it within their verbal communication.  The head teacher would choose books related to the holiday theme.

5)      This picture was for the month of December.  I was talking to the kids about the shapes (las formas) in Spanish.  Within the theme of Christmas, I cut these shapes from a pdf and had the children decorate time so we can display on the Christmas tree.


6)      This picture was for the month of January.  We talked about the snowman.  With a black construction paper and white pastel crayon, children drew snow and a snowman.  What I like about the pastel crayon is how it stands out.  Afterwards using a blue construction paper, I stapled white paper plates on it.  I had the children cut out the hat and carrot nose because fine motor skill such as cutting is of importance.


7)      This picture is for the month of February.  There are lots of Chinese workers and children in my school.  I downloaded a pdf dragon and let the children color it for the Chinese New Year Theme. A final note: Feliz dia de amor 🙂


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7 Quick Takes:Bitten

  1. Yesterday, I was bitten by an autistic child.  I was totally shocked and when it happened I froze.  I am getting use to the environment and learning how to handle children. 
  2. I have to prepare for the Teacher’s Assistance Exam on June. I haven’t done so yet but I will start this weekend.
  3. I haven’t forgotten to write a review on the Broadway play Cinderella.  I was so busy since I started working this month.
  4. Is the weather crazy or what? It was so hot and beautiful and then it’s raining?!
  5. My sister has a new house.  I am so proud of her and her husband.
  6. This past Sunday was my cousin’s bridal shower.  It was a great celebration and I cannot wait for her wedding!

7 Quick Takes Friday (Tulips)

  1. I am going to Brooklyn tomorrow for a teacher’s workshop for teachers.I This is the time to grow and network with people in an industry I would like to be in.
  2. My mother, sister, Tia, cousins and I plan to see Cinderella the Broadway play next month. I am so excited and cannot wait to sing along to my favorite songs.
  3. Just a Friendly Reminder: this coming Sunday is Palm Sunday.
  4. How is the weather in NYC? Extremely cold, I thought the first day of spring was this past Wednesday…
  5. Last week, my mother and I went to Costco for grocery shopping. I was on line and I saw that a customer in front of me had tulips.  I quickly went to the spring section to buy some tulips as a home décor. These are the beautiful color my tulips have

6. Favorite blog: Made in His Image

Maura Byrne, founder of MIHI, is asking for support and contribution to make her trip to Belize possible. Visit the link above to see how you can help.

7. I had a tuff week, so please keep me in your prayers.

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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 1. TGIF!)


1- This is my first time doing the 7 Quick Takes Friday series, and I’m glad to join other bloggers.

2- After a long week at work, I’m so glad it’s Friday, yell with me “TGIF!!!”

3- My cousin is getting married this year and I cannot wait till the ceremony.

4- This new year has started off very well for me in terms of getting employed. I started working the third week of January. It was stressful learning the new procedures and meeting new people but I got the flow of it. I have decided to write a new category on business in terms of the interview process, resumes, cover letters, etc. I know how it feels to be unemployed and I would like to broaden this site into helping people with any struggles that I have been through.

5- Another thing, I am so thankful to God is that the job that I currently have pertains to the health care industry.

6- My father left to Columbia and I pray that God will protect and guide him in his new endeavors.

7- I am going to put more pictures on my posts in order to make it visual and fun.