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Moving On

I decided that I will move on from charter school.  I began working for a particular charter school about three weeks ago.  It was full of orientation, preparing the classroom and getting to know people. There were certain things I should have foreseen, such as:

1- Why are there so many new people?

2- My co-teacher has no experience in teaching and flaked out from a fellows program – spoil alert – big red flag.

This week, I realized that I am going to leave the position.  It wasn’t an easy decision since I have invested my time and energy.  I had hope and an optimistic view into this new journey . However, I realized that when my co-teacher became an associate (sort of like a teacher’s assistant), all the burden would be on me with 27 students (some with IEPs).

I realized that stress was building up inside of me, the daunting task of managing behavior as well as assessments. I still love teaching and I still believe in education. Maybe, mass education is not for me.  Maybe, I am going through the wrong route.

Then I realized I have strengths. I loved tutoring one to one student, giving my undivided attention, differentiating lesson plans, and speaking with parents.

So I am going to be a full-time tutor, and make a difference in that way.  I am also considering a brand new hobby and growing within the social media into new avenues.

So stay tune,






Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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