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Stress reliever

Last week I began my orientation at a charter school.  I had to really adjust with the time differences between public school and charter school.  There are long hours however, I do believe it has its perks such as having free happy hours, breakfast and at times free lunch (Italian and Mexican food).

I was thinking a lot about how to relieve some of those stress that teachers have.  Here are some advice that I have:

1- Join a group that have the same interest as you do.  So I signed up to  There was a Catholic group that I used to join but I realized that the travelling as well as time conflicted with my schedule.  I am into hiking, jogging and excising groups that is convenient due to it being close to home and time.

2- Get a pet.  So once I get my paycheck I do plan on buying a pet. I am not sure what type of pet I will get…but it will be a surprise. Animals are non-judgmental and they  bring comfort.

3- Write in your journal. I have a journal that has biblical scriptures.  It does help in releasing stress. Before each entry, there is a sentence prompt that helps with meditating.

4- Prepare for the next day. Always have your clothes ready. Set that alarm clock. Go to bed early.

5- Talk to someone.  I have no idea what happened today but I had a chat with my mom about some concerns that I had about the school year.  She reassured me that everything will be alright.

6- Clean up, organize and plan. Stress happens when there is disorganization. Have your agenda, schedule and environment as organized as possible.

All of these advice is what works for me.  So I hope everyone of you had a restful weekend and a fantastic week.





Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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