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Charlotte’s Web

I remember watching this old classical movie when I was a child and repeating the words as well as singing along with the characters.  I just finished reading the book, and I would like to share a brief summary of what the book is about and why you should read this book.

The book is about a pig by the name of Wilbur, who is about to be killed by Mr. Arable but all of a sudden was saved by Fern’s determination and persuasive.  Then Wilbur is moved to Mr. Zuckerman’s barn, where he encounters more barn animals. He learns that he will probably be killed again for food until the itsy bitsy spider by the name Charlotte comes to the rescue.

I don’t want to create any spoil alert about the ending, but as you can tell it is a children’s book which talks about the meaning of friendship, life and death.  There are two movies where one is a musical animation and the other a live-action/animated movie.

I will write more posts on books that I have read and enjoyed.  Please share any children’s books that I would enjoy by posting the comment below.






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