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Summer/Spring Fashion Flaws

Now is that time of year when it is going to be warm and hot outside.  So there are some fashions that I have seen during this time of season that seems questionable to me at least, now that I have become of age I have come to question “what for?”  These are some of the fashion flaws that I have done, that now I am like “what was I thinking?”

1- Showing my belly like Britney Spears – I remember there was a couple of times that I showed my belly in the streets just because Britney Spears and all these other pop singers were flaunting their bellies.  Luckily, I noticed that men were paying attention to my looks then who I was.

2- Bikinis in the beach and pool  – Thank goodness for the internet, there are so many options as to where to buy our beachwear.  I usually buy 2 separate tankinis where I can color coordinate based on recent and previous purchases.

3- Short shorts – I think that short shorts have gotten worse where you could actually see someone’s butt checks (the horror).  I never had those kind of shorts but I did wear shorts that were above the knees.  Now, that I am getting older I like to wear shorts to the knees.

4 – Mini Skirts/dresses – I used to wear these but then I noticed that when I sat or danced in them they were completely uncomfortable.  I still look for skirts and dresses that are up to the knee especially since I work with children and I tend to move a lot.

5- Strapless shirts/dresses – I cannot wear these at all without making sure everything is in place…

6 – Skinny jeans – As I age my body is not the same size as I was young.  I feel that I am cutting my circulation.

7 – Teared up/ripped/shredded jeans – My dad would say “did you fall?”

If you know of any fashion flaws that women make during spring/summer  seasons please add on to the comments below.





Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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