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Being More Thankful

Recently, I went to  TJ Max where I saw a small pumpkin  which had the words “thankful”.  I wanted to buy it but I decided to wait for next month.  I came to think about it once I asked my cousin how was her day.  “Fine, I have nothing to complain” she said.  I realized right then and there, that I too had nothing to complain about.  Yes, there are days where I am tired, exhausted, worn-out, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed.  I wouldn’t change for the world when a Hispanic student gives me a hug, a student concerned about my feet (a long funny story), I help children understand the difference between odd/even numbers, and when I read a book aloud.

I have to think back to that small pumpkin and be more thankful for the small stuff in life such as my health, education, and just being.  I thank God for giving me a new school to work in, and my final year in my master’s degree program.  I do have many things to be thankful for such as my family, my neighborhood, my church that is across the street.  I thank you almighty God for the many gifts you have given me, and I continue to ask that you help me in my career to be the best teacher and I welcome Jesus into my classroom everyday. I love you God, my heavenly Father. Amen






Greetings, I am a young Catholic Hispanic-American woman living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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