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My first year reflection

Wow, I can’t believe I made it through.  So many tears, laughter, dreams and nightmares have kept me up at night (none to maybe three to five hour of sleep). There are so many lessons that I have learned, mistakes I have endured, growth that I have made.

I realize that I have been a negative person due to the fact that I have never done a job where I needed to come prepare with lesson plans, communicate with many people and join many meetings (parents, paras, administration, grade team, etc).

So some points that I would like anyone that wants to become a teacher here is the following:

  1. Come prepared on a daily basis, weekly, monthly
  2. Make lesson plans fun and interesting.
  3. Make a field trip (on a monthly basis, perhaps)
  4. Build a positive team.
  5. Come to work with a positive disposition and with a smile.
  6. Pray the rosary everyday, listen to the bible audio.
  7. Sing a spiritual song everyday.
  8. Anything negative or bad happening, pray to God. Talk with a therapist, friend or family member
  9. Write a journal entry (I have a spiritual one that comes in handy).
  10. Join a Catholic group of fellowship (You will need friends that are not part of the DOE)
  11. Go to mass especially adoration (Jesus is present)


I know that God is helping me through this journey.  I might not have done the most perfect job, but I know that God helped me endure through the students’ emotional turmoil, the paras and administration’s negativity, but I can say that I stayed the course and did not give up.  I made it through the year, and that I am proud of.



Greetings, I am a young Catholic Hispanic-American woman living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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