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Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Once I saw the movie, I wanted to get my hands on the book.   Once I read his life story, I truly felt admiration for the man of faith.  He grew up in a single mother’s household in the inner city.  With his mother’s determination, faith and positive thinking brought him in the world’s stage as a sought out neurologist.

Lessons  we could learn:

1)      A mother’s word

Ben Carson’s mother pushed him whenever she could.  She would often tell her boys

“You weren’t born to be a failure, you can do it”

“You can do it. Don’t you stop believing that for one second”

“If you ask the Lord for something and believe He will do it, then it’ll happen”

2)      Mother saw potential.

When Ben Carson brought the mediocre grades home, she knew that her son could do better.

“You can’t go outside and play until you learn your times tables.”

“You boys are going to go to the library and check out books.  You’re going to read at least two books every week.  At the end of each week you’ll give me a report on what you’ve read.”

3)      Conquering anger

Ben Carson’s anger got the best of him and he almost killed his friend.  Luckily, the blade of the knife fell due to his friend’s strong belt.  He saw in a flash how his temper could have ruined his life as well as having murdered his friend.  Ben ran to the bathroom and said “You’ve promised that if we come to You and ask something in faith, that You’ll do it.  I believe that You can change this in me.” In that moment, his anger ceased.  To this day, the Bible is the first thing he reads in the morning.

Here is the movie, I hope you enjoy it and read the book:



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