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7 Quick Takes – Artwork

1)      I have been sick this entire week.  Usually when I am I sick, I make a full recovery with a day or two….but no, not this time.  This illness hit me really hard in fact that I can’t even describe what I have been through without making my readers nauseated.

2)      Due to my illness and being sick, I was inspired to write in the future about health.

3)      So I took some artwork pictures that I did with the children at the preschool.

4)      Every month, the preschool does a holiday theme so the children can learn new vocabularies, and use it within their verbal communication.  The head teacher would choose books related to the holiday theme.

5)      This picture was for the month of December.  I was talking to the kids about the shapes (las formas) in Spanish.  Within the theme of Christmas, I cut these shapes from a pdf and had the children decorate time so we can display on the Christmas tree.


6)      This picture was for the month of January.  We talked about the snowman.  With a black construction paper and white pastel crayon, children drew snow and a snowman.  What I like about the pastel crayon is how it stands out.  Afterwards using a blue construction paper, I stapled white paper plates on it.  I had the children cut out the hat and carrot nose because fine motor skill such as cutting is of importance.


7)      This picture is for the month of February.  There are lots of Chinese workers and children in my school.  I downloaded a pdf dragon and let the children color it for the Chinese New Year Theme. A final note: Feliz dia de amor 🙂



Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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