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7 Quick Takes Friday (Tulips)

  1. I am going to Brooklyn tomorrow for a teacher’s workshop for teachers.I This is the time to grow and network with people in an industry I would like to be in.
  2. My mother, sister, Tia, cousins and I plan to see Cinderella the Broadway play next month. I am so excited and cannot wait to sing along to my favorite songs.
  3. Just a Friendly Reminder: this coming Sunday is Palm Sunday.
  4. How is the weather in NYC? Extremely cold, I thought the first day of spring was this past Wednesday…
  5. Last week, my mother and I went to Costco for grocery shopping. I was on line and I saw that a customer in front of me had tulips.  I quickly went to the spring section to buy some tulips as a home décor. These are the beautiful color my tulips have

6. Favorite blog: Made in His Image

Maura Byrne, founder of MIHI, is asking for support and contribution to make her trip to Belize possible. Visit the link above to see how you can help.

7. I had a tuff week, so please keep me in your prayers.


Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

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