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The Sun is still there…

“When dark clouds cover the sun, like the eagle I will try to brave the billows and make known to others that the sun is not dying out” (The Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska)

For the past couple of weeks, my sister and I were discussing the ways I could finish off my nursing degree. Then one day, my mother asked me if I thought nursing was for me. After some thought, after what have been months and months of questioning and reflection, I came to the realization that it was not.

I have found that I study very hard to grasp scientific information. I have certainly developed a greater appreciation for science as it pertains to it saving lives, healing, creating and curing.

But now, what was I going to do, since I have spent the past four years preparing to become a nurse? A couple of months ago, I was so busy taking care of my handicapped aunt and elderly grandmother, and so I did not have time to go into “despair mode” over not knowing what was in store.

Yet, while in their company, I realized I had many talents, gifts and things to be grateful for, such as my health, ability to take care of them, my skill of translating between two languages for the health professions that visit my grandmother, the ability to walk and take them to places, my gift of patience, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.

I tend to be very critical of myself, but I realize I have strong gifts and talents despite not having the ability to grasp science and its terminology.

So, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect and appreciate your gifts and talents and to be grateful for them because God has given these gifts so that they may be shared with others.

God bless,




Greetings, I am a young Latina living in NYC. I write these blogs as reflections, recollections and memories sobre mi vida. Guadalupe (confirmation name)

2 thoughts on “The Sun is still there…

  1. Jacqueline, as a RN of more than 25 years who has mentored students, including my own daughter, I commend you for the realization that the nursing profession is not for you. Too often, people go into nursing and realize too late that nursing isn’t for them. By then, they and some of their patients have suffered needlessly. You have many wonderful talents that the Holy Spirit will guide and you will continue to make a wonderful contribution. God bless your discernment and a very happy, fruitful New Year to you.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Though it is a wonderful career and all, it took a while to realize it was not for me. Please keep me in your prayers while I figure out a new career.

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