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What a 2016!  I definitely learned so much about myself such as my weaknesses and strengths as well as being completely ignorant of my actions and words.  I truly want to be a better person than I was before.

Recently, my sister gave me a kit called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.  I am still reading his book called Complete Guide to Money, which is truly mind blowing.  He talks a lot about the power of self control and discipline.  Money is a thing while behavior and emotion is everything.

He has really changed my concept of how I should pay off my debt as soon as possible due to the increase of interest rates.  I never had anyone explain money as well as how one can obtain wealth through saving and investing (which one needs to stop buying impulsively like I do).  While reading his book, I also looked at how I gave my money to God.

I shamefully  admit how I bought so much junk and thought that I didn’t have enough to give to God.  After, looking at my finances  I decided that I should give more to my local church (the house of God).

If anyone out there is in deep debt, or having difficulty talking with a family or friend about finances, I truly recommend Dave Ramsey.



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A new year, a new beginning

I have made a list of realistic goals that I would like to work on.

They are basically building new habits/virtues on a daily basis on my spirituality, organization as well as time and money management.  I feel that I need practice in communication, public speaking and presentation.

I feel that through prayer and meditation, I will continue to ask God the father, and Mother Mary to help me build upon these goals.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I will do likewise

Feliz Navidad,


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Private and Public

Oh, how much I admire this woman for her elegance, beauty and intelligence.  She is one of those mysterious person that everyone thinks they know. I’ve been reading a book entitled What Would Jackie Do?, where each chapter has a different section what Jackie would do for career, make-up, fashion, spirituality, dating/marriage, etc. I couldn’t help how at times she had to think about herself and/or others.  She was a private person while at the same time a public figure.

Though I might not be as famous or well known as her, I wonder how many of us are constantly in a battle between self and others.  When  is it time to be by yourself and/or with others?  I believe there should be a proper balance where one can contemplate and have some  rest.

I feel at times that while I am a private citizen being a public school teacher and on social media there are boundaries.  I feel that as a teacher, I have overworked myself but need to fit in time for myself such as exercising,  praying and reading/writing into my daily routine.

I have been learning to say no a lot more often than having to please people constantly either to my family and friends.  I am still trying to figure out a balance between myself and others.






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Still Growing

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much I want to continue to grow and improve in many aspects.

Right now, I want to take an opportunity to improve on money, health and time management as well as organization.  I am also seeking to learn and know Jesus and Mary better as well.

I feel that I have to say no to many things that will be an obstacle or a distraction to my inner peace of mind. All I need is quiet time with God, more prayers and a good book.

I am especially thankful to  you readers for accompanying me on this journey.


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Being More Thankful

Recently, I went to  TJ Max where I saw a small pumpkin  which had the words “thankful”.  I wanted to buy it but I decided to wait for next month.  I came to think about it once I asked my cousin how was her day.  “Fine, I have nothing to complain” she said.  I realized right then and there, that I too had nothing to complain about.  Yes, there are days where I am tired, exhausted, worn-out, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed.  I wouldn’t change for the world when a Hispanic student gives me a hug, a student concerned about my feet (a long funny story), I help children understand the difference between odd/even numbers, and when I read a book aloud.

I have to think back to that small pumpkin and be more thankful for the small stuff in life such as my health, education, and just being.  I thank God for giving me a new school to work in, and my final year in my master’s degree program.  I do have many things to be thankful for such as my family, my neighborhood, my church that is across the street.  I thank you almighty God for the many gifts you have given me, and I continue to ask that you help me in my career to be the best teacher and I welcome Jesus into my classroom everyday. I love you God, my heavenly Father. Amen




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Manners in Writings

I have been reading this terrific book entitled Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss. She is an expert on manners and the English language. I could not believe how rude I have been by not editing my writings. Whenever I write, I tend to write whatever came to my mind without checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.

I had made the readers do double work by interpreting my sloppy writings. Many apologizes on that. I will continue to write on femininity, manners, education, books, travels, Catholicism, and many more.



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Prayer and a good spiritual book

I often think about how forgotten the first commandment is.  We often justify  our love of God, on how we are a good group of people.

Questions that ought to be consider are the following:

Have I treated people, events or things as more important than God?

Have I prayed on a daily basis?

Have I read the bible or other spiritual books (from holy people such as the saints)?