Adios Dating sites

I am only speaking from my experience. I don’t believe dating sites are for me.  Today, I concluded my hypothesis through much pain and laughter.  There is a problem that I have met previously, and it’s that guys wants to immediately become your boyfriend without being friends first.

I believe that friendship is extremely vital when it comes to discerning. I should have followed my gut instinct, but no, I suppressed it.

There are a couple of things that I learned about this dating experience that was unlike previous ones that I had.

  1. No French kissing (could lead to temptation, I do believe it sounds romantic for a future spouse to hear “I’ve been waiting for this moment (French kiss).
  2. Chastity includes discerning as well as a relationship with God. I loved it when my date took me to mass.  He also prayed the rosary with me. This allows you to see that the man will take the lead when it comes to religion for your future family.
  3. Allow your date to visit your immediate family but not your extended family. When it comes to discernment, you don’t want to many voices many decisions as well as adding pressure.  When should your date meet everyone in your life is based on an individual basis.
  4. Have fun. Go to unknown places, and do new things.  Museums, concerts, tourist attractions, churches, restaurants, etc.
  5. Always do the first stage in a relationship which is friendship. If he has a problem, say adios.

I know that dating sites have these successful stories, along with the pictures to prove that they work. Congrats to anyone that met their futures spouses on these Catholic dating sites.  I do strongly recommend Catholic dating sites to secular dating sites (heard to many horror/creepy stories from secular dating sites).

At this moment, I have to much going for myself such as university, work, studies, and other activities.  My date and I finished our relationship with a mutual understanding that we are better as friends.  This is my second encounter with a guy on Catholic dating sites. I came to the conclusion that every time I meet a guy, he quickly wants to be my boyfriend without knowing him enough.

I believe that I’m going to live life, without looking at the things that are missing. I still want to grow in my faith, become the best special ed teacher in NYC, as well as enjoy la vida loca.

Who knows if I will try again…


Learning while dating

So far, it’s been a month that I’ve been dating. He’s a part of a ministry where they discuss about relationships, and theology of the body.

I have a lot to learn. My b-friend and i also created our own book club. We basically trade with each other books that we enjoy.

I feel that I’m learning about relationships. It’s like taking a good look at yourself in the mirror, and realizing your weakness, vulnerability, strengths, sins, gifts, etc. I never studied the theme on dating, love and marriage before.

I learned it through my own experience and that of others. I use to think that dating is for dating’s sake. I feel like my blindness is leaving, where I can see more clearly.

Please keep me in your prayers,  as I do for you.

Reviewing my bucket list

Good Morning everyone/Buenos Dias,

So I decided to review my bucket list.  I feel like I haven’t been reviewing nor practicing them on a daily basis.  There are additional things that I would like to add as well.  The ones I want to hone in for today, are the religious ones.

I mentioned “share my faith and ideas” and “Be well versed in my Catholic faith”.  I would like to add “doing my sacraments such as going to mass, confessing my sins” and “having a personal relationship with Jesus”.  I met this incredible guy, and I must confess I have never met anyone like him.  He was so open to questions that I had bottled up inside.

Every time, I talk to him over the phone or see him, I feel at peace.  He challenges me in a way that I should live my life to the fullest.   So I really want to live out my Faith, and to be more knowledgeable in it.

I feel that we live in a world that is career driven.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all.  However, I feel that work is good if it’s towards the good of God, and neighbor.  So if you have a bucket list, review it. If you don’t have one, create one.  Think of all the things that your heart is yearning for because life is way too short.

God bless.

Dating to Discern???

I meet someone from one of those Catholic Single Sites. I highly recommend it all my single ladies and gents. It is a good place to see how there are true authentic people around your age becoming witnesses to Christ.

So I read a profile of a particular guy. While I was reading it, I saw a description of the woman he was seeking. All of a sudden, I felt like I wanted to contact him. So I sent him a message, and he responded. We had our “small talk” until he asked for my number. So he texted me, which led me to call him. We talked over the phone over a week. Then we met in Central Park.

We ate, walked and chatted in the city. He talked about how dating was a discernment, and that it is important to speak with a priest. I was totally confused and bewildered. I responded with “You only speak with a priest when you are engaged or your marriage is on the rocks”. He smiled attentively and quickly said “yes, you’re right but you are also discerning when you are dating”. I quickly agreed with him after much thought, “you know what, people get hurt when they are dating”.

I feel that dating nowadays is like a hook-up culture. This guy made me see things differently than I use to. I feel that I am learning so much as we are getting to know each other.

Please keep me in your prayers, just as I do for you.

Musica, maestro

Above is some old-school music (I was in middle school when Monica was popular).  I was asked about my summer plans.  I don’t plan on going anywhere but reading, studying and writing.  I have to take a NYS bilingual exam in two weeks, and I have to take an education course on bilingualism. Si, hablo espanol.

I’m about leave for mass.  I will keep all of you readers in my prayers.  May God bless you all. Peace.

Teacher’s Exams, Gracias

So I passed all of the teacher’s exams.  I am elated.  I can’t even contain myself.  I would like to thank my family, friends, teachers, professors, and of course you.  Thanks for your prayers, and patience….Yes, I know I haven’t written in a long, long time.

I was super busy.  I was working full-time as a substitute teacher at an elementary school.  I was also taking about two university courses.  I had plenty of classwork as well as homework to do.  I was also studying for the new version CST elementary exam.  I finally passed!!!  So now, I’m looking for a summer job for the next two months, as well as a full time placement.  So please keep me in your prayers.

So I would like to mention the process that I went through this year.  I live in NYC, so there are three teacher’s exam to pass, they are the following:

1- EAS – it’s basically about educating different types of students such as special needs students and ESL students as well.

2-ALST – it’s about your ability to know how to read and write. It’s almost like an ELA exam.

3-CST (depending on the grade levels you are obtaining your degree in).  It has three parts containing ELA, Math and other subject areas.

How does one study for these exams. was a good source to buy cheap prep test books.  Another site is the NYS Teacher’s exam site, where it has the latest practice exams.  Another good source to study is – The teacher’s name is Bridgette (the best).

If you are a teacher in any other state/you’re in my state, please leave a message. Gracias

Busy as a Bumblebee

It has been a while since I last wrote….as you could see I have been very busy.  I have a test this coming Sunday, and I hope I pass.  Later on, I will explain the process of becoming a NYC teacher, but that’s for another time, another blog.

I must say I love the weather now.  In NY, we are use to those cold winter days, chilly winds, and frostbites.  Now, the sun is out and I wish I was in the beach than at home.

Stay tune for next blog, and keep me in your prayers.

Paz y amor