Manners in Writings

I have been reading this terrific book entitled Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss. She is an expert on manners and the English language. I could not believe how rude I have been by not editing my writings. Whenever I write, I tend to write whatever came to my mind without checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.

I had made the readers do double work by interpreting my sloppy writings. Many apologizes on that. I will continue to write on femininity, manners, education, books, travels, Catholicism, and many more.



Prayer and a good spiritual book

I often think about how forgotten the first commandment is.  We often justify it our love of God, on how we are a good group of people.

Questions that ought to be consider are the following:

Have I treated people, events or things as more important than God?

Have I prayed on a daily basis?

Have I read the bible or other spiritual books (from holy people such as the saints)?

Who is the best teacher?

Many people can answer this question, at least I hope.

I have prayed deeply to the Scared Heart of Jesus, which I received a friendly reminder from a dear friend. I realized that I have been attached to degrees, careers and materialism because that is the one place no one can’t argue about. Who doesn’t want these things?

I came to the realization that I have often judged people who didn’t have these, maybe it was because in my household it was often talked about much more than faith (easy to talk about degrees, careers and materialism in secular circles).

In my prayer for some reason I feel that all will be alright.  In my prayer, I came to the conclusion that Jesus is the best teacher.  I must imitate and follow Him.

I want to give a shout out to my sister, who texted a prayer at a time of a mini “crisis”


My first year reflection

Wow, I can’t believe I made it through.  So many tears, laughter, dreams and nightmares have kept me up at night (let’s see none to maybe three to five hour of sleep). There are so many lessons that I have learned, mistakes I have endured, growth that I have made.

I realize that I have been a negative person due to the fact that I have never done a job where I needed to come prepare with lesson plans, communicate with many people and join many meetings (parents, paras, administration, grade team, etc).

So some points that I would like anyone that wants to become a teacher here is the following:

  1. Come prepared on a daily basis, weekly, monthly
  2. Make lesson plans fun and interesting.
  3. Make a field trip (on a monthly basis, perhaps)
  4. Build a positive team.
  5. Come to work with a positive disposition and with a smile.
  6. Pray the rosary everyday, listen to the bible audio.
  7. Sing a spiritual song everyday.
  8. Anything negative or bad happening, pray to God. Talk with a therapy, friend or family member
  9. Write a journal entry (I have a spiritual one that comes in handy).
  10. Join a Catholic group of fellowship (You will need friends that are not part of the DOE)
  11. Go to mass especially adoration (Jesus is present)


I know that God is helping me through this journey.  I might not have done the most perfect job, but I know that God helped me endure through the students’ emotional turmoil, the paras and administration’s negativity, but I can say that I stayed the course and did not give up.  I made it through the year, and that I am proud of.

New Direction

This past Friday was definitely an active week.  My paras and I decided with the weeks remaining to have more field trips in our class. So yesterday we went to the park where the children played a variety of activities such as jump rope, basketball, football and dance.  I am known to be a book lover but I realized that I need to be more active.

My associate and I played basketball with the boys.  Afterwards, I joined the pro-life runners in Central Park. I enjoyed the many relationships that were built last night.  Today, I will be attending the METS game with some of my relatives.  I am really trying to balance my life with work and family.

I made a valid decision this week about many things that were bothering me over and over again.  I have decided that I will be dropping my bilingual extension. I want to concentrate on classical education, homeschooling and other philosophies that are important to teach children.  I feel that to have that extension is pointless since I already have a BA in Spanish (obliviously with that degree you can say I am bilingual).

Life is way too short.  For the past year, I have been under a lot of stress.  I really want to balance my life for the following school year.  Recently, I have joined a young Catholic group that I feel is extremely fun and enjoyable. I want to meet other people that want to follow Christ.

Lately, I have been feeling a thirst in my soul and a void in my heart. The answer that I have been getting is that this cannot be filled with a degree nor money. I know for such that everything has a meaning and purpose.  I truly believe that God, the Father is looking after me and understand what I am going through.

As long as I keep praying and attending mass, I know that He will provide to my emptiness.


Body and Mind, Mother’s Day

We live in a world full of many gadgets and technology.  Have you ever taken the time to put these things away, in order, to read a book or exercise outside.

I started noticing that many of my time is either looking at pinterest, youtube or other blogs. Not to say that there is anything wrong with these, but all things most be kept in moderation.

I tend to do nature walk every weekend. I feel that it rests my mind and body.  It is also has a spritiual/religious element to it by being reminded of what God has created.  How good and beautiful the things that He has created?

I think another thing we forget is exercising the mind.  I was watching this youtube video from Hillsdale College (probably one of the best colleges that teaches truth along with reason), and I couldn’t help myself but change how I should read more books for my mind’s sake.

Another thing that has inspired me was Pope John Paul II. Did you know that every morning, John Paul II would read the news in every language that he knew.

Check out this video on the importance of reading in order to excerise the mind:


Goals for 2016 , PS., Hope and Romance


I know it’s not the new year, however I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year.  I haven’t had an objective except doing well in my academics and job.  Though this is what is expected for school and work, I feel that I should put myself to the challenge of learning new things such as:

Technology: Microsoft

Music: Piano

Literature: the Great Books (visit the library) – anyone interested in education, I strongly recommend reading the great teachers over the past centuries.

Language: Spanish (at least keep working on it in terms of reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and learn a new language such as French (my dad is learning this language).

Relationship:  Work on my greetings, introducing myself, smiling, meet up with my Catholic homies, as well as participate with the Legion of Mary.

Faith: Daily audio Bible, and Rosary

Sports: once a week jogging/bicycling/hiking (maybe trying to see some park/store websites as well as, or even doing it on my own/ with my mom)

Hobby: Learn to cook

I decided to listen to my sister’s advice on becoming an entrepreneur.  On a daily basis, I will become more diligent on my goals, and work on them.

Lately, I have become depressed on the state of public schools.  It has changed dramatically, and not for the better.  I truly believe that this is not what many people what, but this is what happens when education is given to the federal government. I hope and I pray that parents set their prosperities and take action on their child’s education.

On a more hopeful romantic note, I truly believe in love and romance.  I end this blog with a beautiful video