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Charlotte’s Web

I remember watching this old classical movie when I was a child and repeating the words as well as singing along with the characters.  I just finished reading the book, and I would like to share a brief summary of what the book is about and why you should read this book.

The book is about a pig by the name of Wilbur, who is about to be killed by Mr. Arable but all of a sudden was saved by Fern’s determination and persuasive.  Then Wilbur is moved to Mr. Zuckerman’s barn, where he encounters more barn animals. He learns that he will probably be killed again for food until the itsy bitsy spider by the name Charlotte comes to the rescue.

I don’t want to create any spoil alert about the ending, but as you can tell it is a children’s book which talks about the meaning of friendship, life and death.  There are two movies where one is a musical animation and the other a live-action/animated movie.

I will write more posts on books that I have read and enjoyed.  Please share any children’s books that I would enjoy by posting the comment below.




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Ups and Downs

I have been learning so much from my cousin’s baby.  Yesterday, she learned how to balance on her two feet for a couple of seconds until she fell right on top of me. Today,  she had an infant walker in front of her.  She is able to pick herself up by bending both of her knees and lift herself up with her upper arms on the walker.  She accomplished the goal, which was lifting herself up from the floor.  Next, she puts herself back on the floor by bending her knees, and slowly releasing her upper arms from the walker.

She kept on bringing herself back from the floor only to release herself from the walker back to the floor. I jokingly told her granny, “you see that is how she keeps herself fit by exercising the way she does”.  I suddenly released that she was trying to practice on how to balance as well as positioning her body.

I am not sure why I thought to myself “she is practicing on how to pick herself right back up after going down on the floor”

I realized this is how life is, by going through our own ups and down be it in relationships, work, school and life in general.



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Want to become a teacher?

I just completed my last class for my master’s degree program.  I am so relieved.

So I was thinking a lot of what kind of advice I would give to a wanna-be teacher…First, is to volunteer at an organization that allows you to be with children such as a school or children’s hospital.  Another option that I took was to become a teacher’s assistant.

One can be a teacher’s assistant at a public school where there are benefits such as obtaining degrees so check out the Department of Education for such program. I was a teacher’s assistant at private and non-profits schools which I eventually enrolled for the Teaching Fellows program in NYC.

I would suggest other programs that could be more beneficial, such as:

I truly believe that elements of philosophy and theology helps the child in terms of behavior, morality, biblical advice as well as understanding the meaning of life.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions, let me know.



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Not Alone Series: Sacrifice for Singles

Not Alone Series: Sacrifice for Singles


We hear all the time about the call of married people to sacrifice for the sake of their spouses, and we all know parents make sacrifices for their children. Religious sisters sacrifice just by taking vows! But if you don’t have a spouse, a child, a community, or even a pet, how do you build a spirit of sacrifice? How do you determine the difference between selfishness and supporting yourself? What are some ways that you offer sacrifices for the people in your life? (Thanks to co-host Laura and to Katie for the suggestion!)


I decided to build my spirit of sacrifice by living and being in the present moment.  I believe prayers and attending mass is helpful.  It gives me a sense of hope and love.  I think that as a single person, it is easy to become anxious and nervous about one’s vocation. I have seen people becoming obsessed with it, and I see their unhappiness by fixing the situation.

To determine between selfishness and sacrifices it does take experience, prayers and relaying on your family and friends.  I am very fortunate to have a mother and sister that have looked after me and will express to me when they are concerned.  I also believe that confession is helpful in discerning one’s words and actions.

I have offered money and time.  I know that I have been working on time management . I want to help the church as well as children.

I want to give more of my time on helping children because I feel that often time, they feel lonely and have no one to talk to.  I just want to live and be in the present moment.



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Summer/Spring Fashion Flaws

Now is that time of year when it is going to be warm and hot outside.  So there are some fashions that I have seen during this time of season that seems questionable to me at least, now that I have become of age I have come to question “what for?”  These are some of the fashion flaws that I have done, that now I am like “what was I thinking?”

1- Showing my belly like Britney Spears – I remember there was a couple of times that I showed my belly in the streets just because Britney Spears and all these other pop singers were flaunting their bellies.  Luckily, I noticed that men were paying attention to my looks then who I was.

2- Bikinis in the beach and pool  – Thank goodness for the internet, there are so many options as to where to buy our beachwear.  I usually buy 2 separate tankinis where I can color coordinate based on recent and previous purchases.

3- Short shorts – I think that short shorts have gotten worse where you could actually see someone’s butt checks (the horror).  I never had those kind of shorts but I did wear shorts that were above the knees.  Now, that I am getting older I like to wear shorts to the knees.

4 – Mini Skirts/dresses – I used to wear these but then I noticed that when I sat or danced in them they were completely uncomfortable.  I still look for skirts and dresses that are up to the knee especially since I work with children and I tend to move a lot.

5- Strapless shirts/dresses – I cannot wear these at all without making sure everything is in place…

6 – Skinny jeans – As I age my body is not the same size as I was young.  I feel that I am cutting my circulation.

7 – Teared up/ripped/shredded jeans – My dad would say “did you fall?”

If you know of any fashion flaws that women make during spring/summer  seasons please add on to the comments below.



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What a 2016!  I definitely learned so much about myself such as my weaknesses and strengths as well as being completely ignorant of my actions and words.  I truly want to be a better person than I was before.

Recently, my sister gave me a kit called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey.  I am still reading his book called Complete Guide to Money, which is truly mind blowing.  He talks a lot about the power of self control and discipline.  Money is a thing while behavior and emotion is everything.

He has really changed my concept of how I should pay off my debt as soon as possible due to the increase of interest rates.  I never had anyone explain money as well as how one can obtain wealth through saving and investing (which one needs to stop buying impulsively like I do).  While reading his book, I also looked at how I gave my money to God.

I shamefully  admit how I bought so much junk and thought that I didn’t have enough to give to God.  After, looking at my finances  I decided that I should give more to my local church (the house of God).

If anyone out there is in deep debt, or having difficulty talking with a family or friend about finances, I truly recommend Dave Ramsey.



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Still Growing

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much I want to continue to grow and improve in many aspects.

Right now, I want to take an opportunity to improve on money, health and time management as well as organization.  I am also seeking to learn and know Jesus and Mary better as well.

I feel that I have to say no to many things that will be an obstacle or a distraction to my inner peace of mind. All I need is quiet time with God, more prayers and a good book.

I am especially thankful to  you readers for accompanying me on this journey.