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Being Present with Prayer

Sometimes my mind wonders off.  I don’t focus on what I am saying and  how I am saying them. I wonder if God, Mary and Jesus understand my human weakness and difficulties on being present when I am praying.

I catch myself and really try hard to focus on praying. I feel that when one catches themselves wondering off to the past or future, it is a good start of being mindful, changing my habit into a better one. Then I start focusing on the mystery of the Rosary, being present  on the life of Jesus and Mary.

I do believe that God is aware of our flaw humanness despite our many attempts. With God’s grace even a small change is significant enough. Being more mindful of our habits,  attempts,  weakness and changes is a good start of true conversion to becoming a better person .  Being patient with one’s self is extremely important to see how these small changes God is molding us little by little.  He is very gentle, loving and patient with us as well, so being kind and patient to one’s self is just as important as what God does and shows us. Like they say “Rome wasn’t built in one day”.



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Self Care

How important is self care for you? Have you spent time with taking care of yourself and fit it in your schedule? As a woman, it could be difficult when we have to think and put others first. Remember, it is critical to even take care of yourself as well so that why we can take care of others well.

Make a list of about two to three things a day that you would like to do that are self relievers/de-stress/unwind items. These items do not have to be expensive and glamorous.

My list of self care are

-Taking a bath

-Doing my own manicure/pedicure

-Practice my calligraphy

-Reading a book

-Watching/listening to my favorite youtube/podcast

-Eating my favorite food

-Taking a walk outside

-Cleaning up

-Chatting/hanging out with my girlfriends

What are some of you self-care list? Write your comments below.


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Dating is…

Dating probably is daunting or fun depending on who you talk to. Why would it be daunting? Because you don’t have any control over it.  Of course, there are many myths behind dating.  I believe bad dates get the most spotlight, however, if one surrenders and knows their deal breaker then it could be fun.

Dating is uncomfortable because one cannot control the male, in terms of rejection. If one surrenders knowing that she will be fine at the end of the day, and then she moves on to the next potential date. Dating is like an interview process, it is the time of getting to know yourself and the other. Like any interview process at work, there is rejection. This is a fact and reality. It hurts but one must have the mind set to move on and accept the fact that it wasn’t meant to be.

Dating is a life experience. It is adventurous going ice skating, eating out in restaurants, etc. It is truly exciting, and interesting.

Dating provides information such as what you like/dislike about the person. You learn about yourself and the other which there is no other way but to go out on a date.

Are there anything else that dating does for you? Do you have any interesting dates that you would like to share? Share it below the comments below.

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A Single Women’s Guide

As a single woman, I believe it is important to put our femininity forward and share it with the world.

Here are some simple and easy to do examples to do that:

  1. Smile – it is always inviting and clearly states how friendly and confident we are.  It is amazing the comments that come your way when you smile.
  2. Clothing – dress your best and put your foot forward. Take time to dress up in your feminine way.
  3. Gratitude and compliments – words of thankfulness and niceness are so inviting to anyone. With gratitude, you look at the bright side of things. While being nice and giving affirmations, acknowledges people of their uniqueness.

Let’s put forth these practices and make the world a better place. As a single woman, these steps are simple, easy and accessible to give to others.

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Many options for Special Education teacher

This week, I have two interviews lined up.  I still have my side gig of tutoring, which keeps me motivated and keeps me creative.  I want to share about my journey in being a teacher because if you know someone that has the same feelings that I do, then please let them know there are so many options out there for teachers.

  1. Tutoring – We all know that the education system is messed up.  There are many students that do not do well in mass education.  Tutoring is a great gig. It helps with having an interaction with an individual as well as their parents. Also, there are many agencies that specialize with students with disabilities as well as publishing their own tutoring books.  You can make your own hours, and be creative in lesson planning.
  2. Babysitting – There are agencies that want special educators that have experience taking care of students with special needs. You are basically getting to know a child in the home environment, you can make your own lesson plans, and interact with the parents.  Sometimes it could require housekeeping and cooking.
  3. SETSS agencies – I am trying out this.  Basically, you are working for an agency in a school environment.  It could be a push-in (where I will be teaching a small group of students in the general teacher’s classroom) or pull-out (where I could take out the small group into a resource room).  You get a higher pay depending on how many students are in your classroom, which varies from agency to agency.

I will share more in latter posts about my experience in the SETSS agency. Please keep me in your prayers as well as sharing this post for anyone that want other choices in their teaching careers.



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Charlotte’s Web

I remember watching this old classical movie when I was a child and repeating the words as well as singing along with the characters.  I just finished reading the book, and I would like to share a brief summary of what the book is about and why you should read this book.

The book is about a pig by the name of Wilbur, who is about to be killed by Mr. Arable but all of a sudden was saved by Fern’s determination and persuasive.  Then Wilbur is moved to Mr. Zuckerman’s barn, where he encounters more barn animals. He learns that he will probably be killed again for food until the itsy bitsy spider by the name Charlotte comes to the rescue.

I don’t want to create any spoil alert about the ending, but as you can tell it is a children’s book which talks about the meaning of friendship, life and death.  There are two movies where one is a musical animation and the other a live-action/animated movie.

I will write more posts on books that I have read and enjoyed.  Please share any children’s books that I would enjoy by posting the comment below.




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Ups and Downs

I have been learning so much from my cousin’s baby.  Yesterday, she learned how to balance on her two feet for a couple of seconds until she fell right on top of me. Today,  she had an infant walker in front of her.  She is able to pick herself up by bending both of her knees and lift herself up with her upper arms on the walker.  She accomplished the goal, which was lifting herself up from the floor.  Next, she puts herself back on the floor by bending her knees, and slowly releasing her upper arms from the walker.

She kept on bringing herself back from the floor only to release herself from the walker back to the floor. I jokingly told her granny, “you see that is how she keeps herself fit by exercising the way she does”.  I suddenly released that she was trying to practice on how to balance as well as positioning her body.

I am not sure why I thought to myself “she is practicing on how to pick herself right back up after going down on the floor”

I realized this is how life is, by going through our own ups and down be it in relationships, work, school and life in general.