Goals for 2016 , PS., Hope and Romance


I know it’s not the new year, however I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year.  I haven’t had an objective except doing well in my academics and job.  Though this is what is expected for school and work, I feel that I should put myself to the challenge of learning new things such as:

Technology: Microsoft

Music: Piano

Literature: the Great Books (visit the library) – anyone interested in education, I strongly recommend reading the great teachers over the past centuries.

Language: Spanish (at least keep working on it in terms of reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and learn a new language such as French (my dad is learning this language).

Relationship:  Work on my greetings, introducing myself, smiling, meet up with my Catholic homies, as well as participate with the Legion of Mary.

Faith: Daily audio Bible, and Rosary

Sports: once a week jogging/bicycling/hiking (maybe trying to see some park/store websites as well as meetup.com, or even doing it on my own/ with my mom)

Hobby: Learn to cook

I decided to listen to my sister’s advice on becoming an entrepreneur.  On a daily basis, I will become more diligent on my goals, and work on them.

Lately, I have become depressed on the state of public schools.  It has changed dramatically, and not for the better.  I truly believe that this is not what many people what, but this is what happens when education is given to the federal government. I hope and I pray that parents set their prosperities and take action on their child’s education.

On a more hopeful romantic note, I truly believe in love and romance.  I end this blog with a beautiful video




Conferences, meetings, appointments

As a special education teacher, I tend to have many meetings, conferences and appointments with other health providers, teachers, administration, parents, etc.

I pray to St. Raphael for my meeting tomorrow. At times, it could be overwhelming in terms of communication. When a teacher is trying to help a parents’ child, and that parent is flat out denying what her child is doing…then, this is what hinders the child to obtain the services she needs to help her.

I pray to St. Raphael to help in this meeting, and to help me with my communication skills.



Miracles from Heaven

What a beautiful movie! I am not the type of person that gets emotional or starts crying while watching a movie….except when I saw The Notebook. 

Highly recommend this movie to everyone.  I think that it taught me that in moments of despair, miracles are all around us especially from those that show love to us.  God is there in the present moment of our suffering.  We might not understand why we are going through this but there is always that hope that something good will come out of this.



Silencio on Sundays

My mother and I came back from seeing the movie Risen.  On our way home, we talked about what we were doing during this season of lent.  I have been doing my Medjugorje fasting, while my mom has been doing one meal a day fasting.  The Medjugorje entails only bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays.

While we were preparing ourselves to go to sleep, my mother mentioned that she really enjoyed the Sisters of Life retreat, especially the moment of silence. I agreed with her.  She then added that we should try to practice being silent on Sundays.  I looked at her with amazement.  I thought it was a great and challenging idea (obviously we talked about how there would be exceptions such as family gathering, parties, etc)

Take a moment to see how you could have moments of silence in your daily life.  I feel that I would like to have those moments at my work because there tends to be a lot of gossip.




So a virtue that I am practicing is diligence. Diligence is a careful and persistent work or effort.  As a special education teacher, there are so many things to do from lesson plans, IEP, meetings/phone calls to parents, Professional development, grade meetings, parent engagement notices, administration duties, etc.  The list goes on and on.  I feel that so far I have been diligent this entire week.

To become diligent one must be extremely organized.  So some helpful tips:

  1. Pray (put God first)
  2. Read the Bible (so many tips about daily life)
  3. Clean up any messy area/cluster place
  4. Buy organizers such as agendas, folders, notebooks, filing folders
  5. Prioritize your work (ask God to help you)
  6. Make time for nature walking
  7.  Mass
  8. Cut down destructions (such as tv, shows, non-excessive talking/chats)
  9. Confession

2 Peter 1:10  Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall.



Finding a solution

A  negative situation happened to me during work. I internalized the conflict and took it personal.  Though the comment of my paraprofessional hurtful, untrue and humiliating (she said it in front of the kids), I could have taken the situation in a productive way.

Upon this tragic event, I realize that I had a problem with my emotional being.  I started to notice a pattern that has been happening during the work place.  I wanted to find a solution to this internal problem that I had.  I realized that when a co-worker said or did something I did not like, I would either say or do something negative back or avoid her all together.

I came upon this Catholic Psychology school webinar.  It talked about the two types of psychology one is the disease model which tends to look at the past. The other is known as positive psychology.  I started to work toward a goal that I could work on for today, which will continue for about a month until it becomes a habit.

I never heard that one could work on a virtue as a goal.  So there are many types of virtues out there (I probably will write another blog about this).  This is what has made me work so hard today so I don’t focus on the past.

So my tip for today. Think of a virtue you would like to work on today.  Write in a notebook to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Scared Heart of Jesus on this goal. Read the bible for inspiration, pray the Rosary to obtain that grace…



Education is much more

I begin this blog knowing that the new year will begin within a few days.  I remember I always looked forward to a new year, which meant new beginnings and new changes.

I am part of a fellows program.  I am very thankful and happy to be a teacher in a secular environment.  It has made me more aware of what is happening in public schools.

I would like to give some keen advice to those who would like to enter the profession as an educator.

  1. Education is more than a state exam.  A teacher should teach students to become a life long learners.
  2. Education is much more than the intellect. A person is much more than the brain.  There is the heart and soul.
  3. The teaching profession is respectable job even though there is a lot of blame game going on.
  4. Education should seek the truth instead of relativism.